About Us

About Qetello

Qetello Holdings is a recruitment and human resource company based in Pretoria.

Our diversified client base includes major corporations as well as small, emerging businesses. We provide recruitment and human resource advice and assistance in areas such as engineering and technical, information technology, manufacturing and distributions, pharmaceutical / healthcare, accounting and finance, general management, sales, marketing and general administration.

Apart from our guaranteed professional services, you can also be assured of the confidentiality with which Qetello handles all our endeavours, thereby protecting the rights and interests of our clients.


Our Vision

We are committed to providing individual and intelligent service for the modern workforce.

Our Mission

To provide a complete, exclusive customized service that is cost effective and meets the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our goal is to understand every client’s culture and organizational requirements so we can accurately meet your every demand.


~ Nelson Mandela


We tailor our services for employers, keeping abreast of rapidly changing job market trends. We are dedicated professionals with strong corporate experience. As a small private firm, Qetello offer a critical advantage through:

“Hands-on” involvement by the managing partner Working with fewer clients by design Flexibility and resourcefulness. Having a database of qualified diversity sources Responsiveness to your recruiting, human resource and industrial relations needs.

Pitfalls around employment policies are great and appointing the wrong applicant can be an expensive exercise. Qetello will assist you to acquire and appoint the right person into the right job.

Applicants are sourced from an in-house database, the internet, printed media, and from a national network. We recruit permanent staff on all levels, ranging from senior management to entry level. Qetello use recruitment techniques, which grant all applicants equal chances to apply for a specific position.

Recruitment Process

  1. Receive notification of a vacancy within your origination
  2. Arrange a briefing session to obtain all relevant job and organizational requirements
  3. Source the best applicants through various techniques
  4. Interview the best candidates (interviews on higher levels are conducted in conjunction with practicing specialist in the related fields) example financial position a practicing Chartered accountant will do a technical skills interview and report
  5. Draft an in-depth personality report and CV for the short listed candidates
  6. Check references on all final candidates to understand them better
  7. Verify Qualifications, criminal records, credit worthiness, drivers’ licenses if required
  8. Our clients interview the short listed candidates to verify our analysis
  9. Our client selects the candidate that they prefer
  10. We conclude the negotiations with your preferred candidate
  11. We track the candidate’s induction and integration into your organization.
  12. We appreciate that there could be times that you might only want a list of CV’s coupled with a basic placement service. On the other hand, there could be instances where you require a more sophisticated search and headhunting approach. There is also a possibility that you may want something in between.